Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Was Lovely. And Then It Was Over.

Well, I started to title this post "Back in a Flash." But then blogger indicated I had already written that post. Moral of the story: I am a slacker. Hell's bells.

Here to say, my time off with Hugh was so lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed his relaxed, vacation-mode company. And, like time always seems to do when you are loving every second of it, it went by in a few quick blinks.

So now Hugh is officially a third year, which means we are halfway through this med school business. He starts rotations today and I am off to the SAV (hence the fact that I'm blogging at 5:30am).

I really will be back on Thursday (I have so. much. good. food. to share). In the interim, a photo of my favorite funny face:

Yesterday, along with a blaring hangover, we celebrated our second Fletchiversary!

And a blurry picture of my one and only:

Hugh loves me. And we love America.

See you soon, internets.

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