Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekend in Photos and Words.

And, I'm back. For real, this time.

So, let's back up a few days. I was ambling along on Friday, having a pretty great little day after lunch with my sweet friend and morning during which my children acted like best friends:

Forgive the terrible quality. I had to MacGyver the laptop onto the floor and take a picture with PhotoBooth before either of them got interested enough to get up. So, really you should be high-fiving me for this photo.

Then Hugh called.

To tell me he had the whole. weekend. off.

I proceeded to flip out with excitement. As much as I love some advanced notice and planning, a surprise weekend off with your favorite person is pretty darn lovely.

And, it lived up to my flipping out - two days of relaxation and productivity and fun. I'd love to tell you about it...

Friday night I had a dinner plan. It involved vegetables and grilling lean protein. But we somehow ended up with this, a dinner I'm a little bit embarrassed to even put on the internet:

Hot Dog Chili Tatertots. Delicious. Embarrassing, but delicious. If you would like to create this masterpiece, do the following: make this chili, grill and slice some hot dogs, grate some sharp cheddar, chop up onion and dill pickle, and dump in all on some tatertots. Top with mustard. Enjoy. Wake up tomorrow and run five miles.

Saturday, with nowhere to go and nothing to do (!), we lazed around, some of us more than others, and had coffee in bed:

Somehow, the second smallest person in this house takes up the most space. Spoiled.

And then we bummed around watering plants and drinking more coffee until we got our act together and went to lunch:

Who wouldn't love to spend the weekend with this face?

After a last minute decision to go to a movie:

...we spent the rest of the afternoon watching Horrible Bosses (slow start, funny movie). Then we went home and lounged around regretting (but only a little) our decision to eat popcorn and sour patch kids and a twelve liter of Diet Coke (why so huge, movie theater soda?) so soon after lunch.

Sunday was a trip to the grocery:

...bagel melts, a long walk with the world's most perfect Fletcher, and an afternoon of turning our phones off and chatting it up for a lot of hours. Oh, and some photo-taking of these soul mates:

I wasn't the only one who was happy Hugh was off. Lucky for Hugh though, I don't show my appreciation by riding around on his shoulder.

We ended the day with delicious Pork Ragu, inspired by this recipe. Whilst pretty much the opposite of seasonally appropriate, it was fantastic dinner.

And now we're back to work. To sum up my Monday thus far, I walked in the living room to find Fletcher licking Henry's flea medicine off the back of Henry's neck. Lovely. Now my cat is going to get fleas and my dog is probably poisoned.

How was your weekend, internet friends? Did you get to hang out with your bff and eat ridiculously good food?


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! And pretty similar to my plans for this weekend :)

  2. I want those tots. And maybe some Tums.