Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weekend In Photos (and Also, Words).

Remember a couple of months ago when I used to show up here blathering on about our wonderful weekends and the amazing weather? Well, the weekends are still wonderful, but it is hotter than hell outside. I know it comes with the territory of living in the South, but 112 degrees for five days in a row? Now, that is just ridiculous.

Lucky for me, I got to ride out the heatwave with my favorite husband and my beauties. Here's what it looked like...

Happy hour at a place where everybody knows your name. And how you like your margaritas (rocks, salt, splash of orange juice):

Bottoms up, tea cup.

A Saturday morning photo shoot:

Saying goodbye:

These flip flops have been with me since my freshmen year of college (let's ignore the fact that that means 10 years). I've walked a lot of miles in these shoes. They finally bit the dust on Saturday when Hugh and I were playing chase in the yard with Fletcher - a good way to go, I suppose. Farewell, old friends.

There was, surprisingly, not that much cooking. I guess when it feels like the fiery pits every time you open your door, you feel a little loath to heat up the kitchen. I did, however, make you a delicious sandwich. I'll tell you all about it on Wednesday. She's a beaut:

Easy like Sunday morning:

I don't know if I'm ever happier than sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and reading magazines and talking about food with Hugh.

And now it's Monday. Funny how she pops up every single week. Stay tuned, I have something new and fun lined up for you tomorrow. Here's a sneak peak:

Let's have the best week ever, friends.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, friend. A few things.

    1. I want to drink that margarita and feel it's tingly leg magic.

    2. Would you, perhaps, be wanting a new pair of those flops for your upcoming birthday?

    3. Love how Henro and Fletchy are in the same pose. So cute!

    4. Did you move a table into your kitchen?

    Miss you so much! See you tomorrow!