Monday, September 26, 2011

What We're Doing. And Eating.

Well, hello there. I think the length of time since my last post can best be described by saying that it took me a few minutes to actually remember where to go to write a post. And then another five minutes to remember how to insert a photo.

Our life has been simultaneously busy and a kind of boring lately. Busy because work has been intense for both of us and boring because we're busy with work, not awesome adventures.

Here's what's new around these parts:

  • Three years (!) ago today, Hugh got accepted into medical school. At the time it was both very exciting and scary, as most huge life changes tend to be. But once we got here, it was evident that we are headed exactly where we are supposed to be going. For all the less-than-fun times that come with being married to a med student, the fulfillment that comes from getting to watch the person you love do the thing he was meant to do just can't be measured.
  • Got two new lenses for my birthday. I love them both. One is a 50mm. It is especially amazing:

  • The number one reason I married Hugh:

  • Happy Fall. We had one week of fallish weather about three weeks ago. Now it's 80 degrees and muggy as hell outside. Come on, crisp weather that makes you smile as soon as you open the door! In protest against the lack of seasonally appropriate weather, I bought a cinnamon broom at Publix. Hugh thinks it's tacky. I think it's amazing. Amazing in that it's so strong it will bring tears to your eyes if you get too close. What's tacky about that, Hugh?
  • I had lofty goals for a fall garden. Had being the operative word. I believe my gardening motivation ship has sailed until the spring.
  • Cin Cin:

  • Fletcher is still crazy:

  • Henry is crazy, too. Crazy beautiful:

And, what we've been eating:

  • A date night which involved stops at not one, but two delightful restaurants. There was a delicious cheese plate, cioppino, and enough toasting to ensure I needed a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast the next day. I love our perfect little life:

  • Fig, prosciutto, and blue cheese pizza. I would sell one of my children for a piece of this right now:

  • Pumpkin Cupcakes - I like knowing you can go somewhere for a recipe and never be disappointed. Deb is a peach that way. Make these if you want feel like fall. And eat delicious cupcakes.
  • Roasted Banana Pudding - I don't like to go around making bold statements that something is "the best ever" very often. But this pudding is ridiculous. And my resident banana pudding connoisseur says it's the best ever. I believe him, because he's eaten almost all of it in 36 hours.
  • Greek Salad - Eating this like it's my job. And not just because it's pretty:

Alright, I think that's enough blathering on for now. What have you been up to, frinternets (get it? like friends + internets?)? Cooking something delicious? Celebrating life anniversaries? Checking Do tell.