Monday, March 14, 2011

The Weekend In Photos (and Also, Words).

This is what my White Hot weekend looked like:

Friday evening started off like all good Friday evenings should, with happy hour.

Manhattan-making for my favorite husband.

I have been thinking about mussels lately, and how I have never cooked them before. And how I really love them, so I should probably make some in my own kitchen. So, on Friday afternoon, I decided we were having mussels for dinner, or, more specifically, Moules a la Mariniere. Served with the recommended Baked Pommes Frites (plus a baguette and homemade aioli). I felt fairly confident before I even started cooking, because Smitten Kitchen has never let me down before. And then we sat down to eat.

Oh. My. Goodness. Sakes. Alive.

Please, just make this right away. And, if you have the sad misfortune of not being a seafood eater, at least make the fries (included in mussels recipe link). They were a revelation. And I've made a lot of fries.

The carnage.

Saturday morning was spent admiring my beauties:

And making Breakfast Buttercups. This was a delicious and easy breakfast recipe. And, so cute (in both name and appearance), too. We decided they'd be great for weekend visitors. So, future weekend visitors, get excited.

After breakfast, Fletcher and I went on a dog walk date with our favorite walking buddies. At one point on the path, there was a clearing with access to the river and lots of dogs running around off-leash. Being the incredibly over-protective and paranoid dog momma I am, I never let Fletcher off-leash anywhere but in the yard. Like, I have only done it twice, never.

But for some reason I was feeling brave on Saturday. After making my friend promise she would scour the woods until we found him if he did run away, I unhooked his leash. Fletcher took off like a shot after his dog friend, Charlie, who was splashing away in the water.

Our sweet Boxer boy is not known for his swimming prowess and has never gotten in the water on his own freewill. So, imagine my surprise when, instead of screeching to a stop at the bank, Fletcher leapt and belly-flopped right into the river and started swimming around. I was completely shocked. And proud. And sad that Hugh missed it. I didn't even care that I had to ride home with a dirty river dog.

If only I had had my camera. I know, right? All that talking and not even one photo of the super-swimmer. I'm still sad about it.

Anyway, the rest of Saturday was much less eventful, but equally lovely.



Sunday was more gardening and yard-work and, mainly, cooking and eating. It's a miracle we both don't weigh three hundred pounds. A miracle of genetics. And shame from the gym.

You could call this photo: Hugh Finally Finishes Studying for the Weekend at 6pm on Sunday Night and All Rejoice. Also, so good at sharing. Also, this is probably why Fletcher only has three canines. Also, Hugh had to shave his beard off for a respirator-fitting. We are all sad about it. Grow, Hugh's facial hair, grow!

Celebrating DST with grilled burgers. And more of the delicious aforementioned fries.

And then, in a blink (or in what may seem like one million hours if you actually read this whole post), it was Monday.

How was your weekend, friends? Did your dog do something that made you smile all day long?

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  1. Hi lady...I have just recently become a follower of your blog and I love it :) You are so witty and cute and I am envious of your cooking and gardening skills (I am getting much better at cooking and baking these days...the gardening...not so much).

    Although I love it all, I think my favorite part is when you post pictures of your dog child and cat child. I want to steal them :)