Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thirty and Flirty.

Today, Mandy is celebrating her birthday. You have heard me mention her, oh, about one million times. Usually in the context of a hilarious, delicious, happy visit we're sharing.

She is a huge part of my every day life. This is partially because I work from home, and she has a little work break in the middle of the day, so we spend a lot of time on the phone. It's also partially because she is sweet enough to have me over for dinner every. single. Tuesday. night, so I'm not stuck sitting in my hotel room alone. And partially because we have really funny email exchanges multiple times a day (see: we are funny). But it's mostly because, well, I love being friends with her.

I have a lot of favorite things about Amanda Jean. I mean, see above where we spend all of our time together laughing and eating good food and drinking wine and being a little bit bitchy. But, one of my most favorite things is this: She is as loyal as they come. Mandy and I originally bonded over the fact that we don't like a lot of people (see: we are pretty bitchy). But, if you are lucky enough to be on the short list of people worthy of being near and dear to her, well, then you are lucky. She's an unwavering supporter of the people she loves; the kind of friend who would do anything for her friends.

If I had to summarize our friendship, I'd say this photo does a perfect job:

Circa Christmas 2008. We are very funny.

Happy birthday, birthday girl. I hope today is a lovely celebration of lovely you. You make my world a happier place. xoxo

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