Monday, March 7, 2011

TGI Oh No, Wait. It's Monday.

Oh, friends. What did you do this weekend?

Despite the fact that it was raining and cloudy all weekend in GA, the White Hot family had a great two days off. Because my favorite parents came to see us. What is it about seeing your parents that just makes everything right with the world?

We were spoiled. Grandpets were very spoiled. Hugh and James went on a little adventure on Saturday, which involved a livestock auction and a gypsy community. Meanwhile, Mom and I went on an extended lunchdate, which involved a lot of chatting and telling the waitress we needed just a few more minutes before we ordered. For two hours. James and Hugh also did some around-the-house projects, like pulling up stumps in the yard using a chain and our Jeep*.

And, even though I love to spoil our guests with delicious food, the only thing I have cooked since Thursday night is bagels. They insisted that we go out for our meals (um, okay!) and you know what? It was really, really nice to have a little break from planning and cooking.

So, I guess that's what makes everything right: the perfect forty-eight hours of relaxing and talking and Hugh and James doing projects. I just love my family.

Also, my Mom brought Fletcher a stack of new bandannas. And then we thought it would be funny to put one on Henry and see how long he would wear it. Um, we finally took it off before bed last night. So, at least twelve hours. Is there anything cuter than a cat in a bandanna? You tell me:

Thanks for the lovely visit, parents. I pouted all day long after you left.

*Did I mention that Hugh loves it when James comes to town? He's now strategizing about what other trees he can remove from our yard. Oh, Hugh.

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  1. I would have loved to witness the Jeep/chain adventure! What fun. =)