Thursday, March 31, 2011

Any Friend of the Bar Keeper Is a Friend of Mine.

Things I love Thursday here. With one thing to tell you about, because I love it that much.

Hugh discovered this a couple of weeks ago online, after I informed him that no, he could not clean our pots and pans with steel wool. His research lead him to this miracle product*: Bar Keeper's Friend. So I bought him some as a prize this weekend. And yes, he was excited about it. (see: gift-giving as a love language and also, we love cleaning). If your definition of excited is: he immediately stopped studying, got out the pots and pans, and started scrubbing away**.

This product is great for cleaning porcelain and stainless steel (i.e. sinks, cookware, and tile and grout among other things). If you have say, for instance, six All Clad pots that take a daily beating in the kitchen, after three years of use they might look like this:

But get yourself some Bar Keeper's Friend and some elbow grease, and you will be looking at this:

I know. Shut up, right?

So, on this rainy and grey Thursday, go buy yourself some and make a little kitchen miracle happen.

*This link is to Amazon, but get thee to Target and 21oz of BKF can be yours for $1.75. I know, it's basically free.

**Disclaimer: Hugh would like me to add that you don't have to scrub very much. Part of the appeal is that this product is fast and easy to use. Make a paste with a little water and some BKF. Leave it on your pan for one minute. Scrub it off with a dish cloth or a sponge. Done. Easy as pie. Actually, way easier than pie.

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