Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

It's my favorite day of the week, internet friends! I love Friday and Saturday as much as the next girl, but I really love Thursday because I'm home from Savannah. I get to wake up in my own bed by my husband (or, even better, my husband, Fletcher, and Henry Parker all piling in the bed at my requested wake-up time!), drink my Hugh-brewed coffee, and be back to my happy home-life routine.

Seriously, as much as I pout about being out of town every week, the reunion part sure is lovely. It never gets old pulling in the driveway on Wednesday night and seeing Fletcher sitting at the door. As soon as he sees my headlights, he jumps up and starts leaping in circles and wagging his whole body.

And now, let's talk about what I love this Thursday (and every day, really) - magazines!

I do not think there is anything better than a stack of new, unread magazines just waiting to be cracked open. I currently subscribe to ten magazines. Hugh loves magazines too, with five current subscriptions. Anyway, these are my favorites:

Bon Appetit - I love this one. The recipes, the columns, the must-have tools, the restaurant recommendations, the food photos - it's just a treat. I love the Fast, Easy, Fresh section and Molly Wizenburg's column especially.

House Beautiful - When this one comes in the mail, you can find me in a bubble bath with a glass of wine savoring every gorgeous page.

Real Simple - I have been subscribing to this magazine since I was in college. It has a little bit of everything: recipes, decorating, health, organizing, beauty. I love the tagline, "Life made easier, every day." Yes, please.

Cooking Light - I have been reading Cooking Light since I was in high school. Come for the healthy, stay for the delicious.

With many of everyone's printed favorites going under in the last three years (A big fat tear for Domino. And Gourmet. And Cottage Living. Stupid recession.), I think it's so important to buy the ones that are still around. Whenever a new magazine debuts, I subscribe if it seems even remotely like something I'll enjoy. You know, support the arts and all*.

So, that's what I love today. What about you? Any glossy reads you can't live without? Did I miss any good ones?

* I kid, I kid. Hugh wanted me to add this disclaimer, lest you all think I'm kind of an idiot. I told him no one would think that. Yet, here I am, disclaiming...

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  1. Ummmm I really think Garden and Gun should have made the list! That is probably on your "magazines that come every other month because of the recession" list. Love you!