Monday, March 28, 2011

The Weekend In Photos (and Not a Lot of Words).

Well, hell. All my boasting about the weather finally caught up with me. We are on our third day of thunderstorms.

So, we made this best of it and spent the weekend (you are going to be shocked...) cooking and eating and playing with Fletcher and Henry and attending happy hour and watching movies.

Friday (before the monsoon started) we did some grilling:

Saturday, I have no photos. Because Hugh studied all day and I ran errands and read recipes. And then we ordered pizza. And had it delivered. And sat on the couch for a very long time, eating pizza and talking. It was pretty delightful.

Sunday, I realized I needed to find a cleaning project that was not going to lead to me having a blood pressure spike when someone (Fletcher) tracked dirt onto my just cleaned floor (see: it's been raining for three days). So, I cleaned the refrigerator. I know you think I probably have the lamest weekends ever with all the cleaning. What can I say? It relaxes me. Also, so satisfying to see this when you go to get your half-and-half on Monday morning:

I feel so exposed putting the contents of the fridge on display. Is that weird? Also, I need to go to the grocery, clearly. Unless Hugh wants pickles and lemons for dinner. Again. Name that blog.

Sunday night, was Champagne Cocktails and Pork Meatball Bahn Mi to chase away the Sunday Blues:

And, then in a blink, it was Monday morning again. How was your weekend?

Post script: Also, just for good Monday morning measure, humor me and look at this big, fat, beauty Boxer:

I know I'm biased, but I think he's basically perfect. Also, he's totally posing for the camera here.

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