Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend In Photos (and Also, Words).

Oh, friends. I would be a lot less sad when Hugh was busy studying if he wasn't so freaking fun to be around when I have his undivided attention. This weekend was a keeper. If this weekend had been a first date, I'd be calling my Mom to tell her I'd met "the one."

There was good eating and playing outside and a little dinner party and a cocktail (or three) and sleeping in and getting the yard ready for Spring and even some grilling.

Do you want to see what it looked like? Okay!

Let's be honest, your weekend can't be anything but delightful when you are looking across the table at this at one o'clock in the afternoon on Friday:

Or when the sky looks like this for three days:

Friday night I recreated an In-and-Out/5 Guys burger. To say it was a hit would be true if both of us eating every single morsel of food on our plate constitutes a hit:

I know. You are stressing out about the state of our arteries. Please don't. Because Saturday and Sunday we did about one million hours of yard work. And that apparently burns a lot of calories. I know, I googled it.

This one was happy to have Hugh home too, apparently, as he spent most of Friday in this position:

Saturday morning was coffee and reading the news:

Ignore the entirety of my appearance in this photo and focus on Fletcher's face. And the fact that it looks like he is reading the news over my shoulder. That dog has my heart, I tell you. Also, don't be jeal of my outfit. Right after this photo was taken, I was getting ready to go outside with Fletcher. I asked Hugh if I would be warm enough. His response: Yes. But stay in the backyard. Cassie: Why? Hugh: Because you kind of look like a bag lady in that outfit.

And the deliciousness that is Bagel Melts:

Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner. I have no photos because we were too busy talking about med school and funny dogs and laughing and eating. Check back this week for the tasty menu.

Sunday morning was more Bagel Melts (why so tasty, Bagel Melts?) and time in the yard.

Would you like to see why I cannot lift my arms above my head and have to lower myself into the sitting position with great care? Half of the debris pile from our yard-working:

Sunday night we did the first grilling of the year! And it made me happy in my heart and soul. Exhibit A:

Oh, and to say that our happiness was rubbing off on this one would be an understatement; he was basically losing his mind with excitement all weekend long:

Our weekend was so perfect I'm not even sad that it's Monday. And I have some delicious posting lined up for you this week.

I hope you had a perfect Saturday and Sunday, sweet readers. And that your Monday flies by in a blink!

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  1. I just love your sweet family. I HAVE to see you soon!