Friday, February 18, 2011

TGI Freaking F.

Sorry for the dearth this week, lovely internet friends. I'm having a hard time with this Funk. Hard time as it won't just go away and leave me alone.

Until today that is. Today, everything seemed like it might just be looking up. Freaking finally. Fingers crossed. Because my heart (and my housemate) can't take much more.

It didn't hurt that it was 76 (SEVENTY FREAKING SIX DEGREES) and sunny.

Or that I was done at the gym by 9:15 this morning. Which basically means I'm awesome (today).

Or that I made myself clean the house last night, so Hugh and I didn't have to do it this afternoon.

Or that Fletcher weighs 48.6lbs (!!) as of yesterday afternoon. Grow, Fletcher, grow!

Or that I convinced the husband of my dreams to blow off studying today and hang out with me. I keep telling myself that it's because I'm charming and delightful. But really I think it was mainly the weather. And the promise of my next happiness point.

Or that we ate $9.57 worth of frozen yogurt today. Because we're addicts.

Or that I have a chocolate cake in the oven.

Or that I'm getting ready to make prosciutto, bleu cheese, arugula, and balsamic fig jam sandwiches on fresh sourdough. Don't be jeal.

Or that Hugh sometimes styles his moustache like this when I'm practicing my camera skills on him (because he's awesome):

Or that my dog sleeps like this:

All those happy reasons to say I bounced around like I was high on life today. And I kind of was. I told my Mom this afternoon that this was the happiest I'd felt in a million years. Then she reminded me about when I married Hugh. And when I got Fletcher. And when I got engaged. Oh yeah. Those were happy times too, Mom. But this is the happiest I've felt in at least three months. And that's a long, long time.

I hope your heart is light and your weekend is warm and sunny.

Post script: It's toddy time at our house. But Hugh just had to run next door to help our neighbor, so he stuck his delicious gin cocktail in the freezer. And I'm standing at the counter by the fridge blogging. And I keep opening the freezer to drink said cocktail. And now it's almost gone, which means I need to hurry up and make him another one. Shoot.

I think wine and I are about to go on a break. Sorry, but there's a new guy in town. And, wine, I'm just warning you: the last time I went on a break* with someone, I met Hugh. And now we're married. So your odds aren't looking good...

*Hugh would like me to qualify that there was no cheating going on. I really was on a legitimate break. And by break I mean I had sworn off men forever. Hugh did have a girlfriend, but coincidentally was "about to break up with her anyway." See? I really am charming and delightful.


  1. Um. . .I think you need to get an ice cream maker so that you can make all of those delicious yogurts at home. I mean, really. What would make Hugh and Fletcher more happy.

    Also, then we could be ice creaming pen pals.

    Happy weekend to you, friend! Miss your face!

  2. Reese is offended. He was pretty certain you were happy during our visit.

  3. I LOVE that picture of Fletcher sleeping! I mean really...