Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

This Thursday, there's one thing I love. It's this face:

Hugh and I were talking recently about how when something is ailing you, you think about it constantly, but if the ailing stops it only takes a day or two for your gratitude to diminish. This is why so many studies show that a new car or more money or better clothes don't make you happy, because in a few weeks you adjust and you're used to the new thing and just jonesing for the next new thing. You materialistic consumer, you.

All that deep thought to say, I was taking Fletcher's picture recently. I'm trying to improve my photography skills, so I was in the family room making Fletcher sit as my subject (note to self: a Boxer is never going to be an ideal portrait subject). After about three minutes he was started jumping all around, boxing me (do you know they really do this?), and trying to get me to play. For about ten seconds I was aggravated, wanting him to just sit still and let me take some pictures.

Then I remembered, eight weeks ago I was distraught because my Fletcher was too sick to get up and greet us at the door; playing wasn't even on his radar. I bargained in my sleepless nights that if he would just get well I would not take his crazy dog energy for granted or get frustrated when woke us up in the morning again. Oh, how quickly we forget.*

So, this Thursday, I love sweet Fletcher. His boundless energy, unending enthusiasm for everything, and unconditional love make my life so much better. This is what a pup on the mend looks like:

Post Script: For those of you who've asked, Fletcher was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in December. This is a blanket term for dog digestive issues. Basically, Fletcher is intolerant to many foods. Including chicken.

Let's take moment to reflect on the fact that my dog is allergic to chicken. Oh, of course he is.

Now he's on a prescription food and a combination antibiotic/anti-inflammatory. Slowly but surely he's gaining weight. Personality-wise, he's almost back to his normal self. Frequent high fives have been exchanged between these dog parents each time he improves.

Thanks for all your sweet support, my Fletcher-loving friends. I'll post an update photo when he's fattened up again. Hugh and I are so proud and praising every time he eats (which is ravenously at every single meal), that any time we get one of his bowls out Fletcher starts prancing around the kitchen waiting for our cheers and pets. Spoiled boy. We just love him so.

*Oh, and for the record, I put that camera right down and played with him until he was worn out.

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  1. I sure do love his silly dog face. We are all so happy that he's doing better!