Friday, February 11, 2011

The Happiest Day of the Week

So, Hugh started some pediatrics work about two weeks ago. Which means about one week and five days ago, he came home with a terrible cold. Which means for the last seven days, I have been battling said terrible cold. Damn med school. So, that's where I've been, friends. Blowing my nose and looping myself up on cough medicine.

Let's talk about what else has been happening between my using two whole boxes of Kleenex:

1. I have cooked nothing noteworthy. We've gone way over our food budget for the first half of February, so we're scrounging up dinners from the pantry and the freezer. Check back next week for something you might actually want to make in your own kitchen.

2. I felt like sewing something yesterday, so Fletcher got a new bandanna just in time for Valentine's day. Hugh made fun of him all evening because he said it was too girly. I told Hugh it was my compensation for being surrounded by testosterone all the time. Fortunately, Fletcher's very comfortable with his masculinity:

3. Speaking of Fletcher, he gained almost 5 pounds in the last eight days! His vets and his parents are so excited.

4. says sunny all weekend long. Hip hip hooray!

5. Hugh's reading Eating the Dinosaur and there is an exercise in the book that asks you to think of what you would say to your teenage self if you had fifteen seconds to call them from the future. I was hemming and hawing trying to decide which of my mistakes I would caution myself sixteen-year-old self against. I asked Hugh was he would say and, without hesitation, he responded, "Don't worry so much. Everything works out fine. You're going to be a doctor and your wife is smokin' hot." Um, Hugh is awesome.

6. Henry is by far my best practice subject. Probably because he will stay in the same spot for five hours at a time. And he's a beauty:

7. Hugh and I found a frozen yogurt shop where we live. We went on a little date with Fletcher on Wednesday night and fun was had by all. I don't like ice cream and I don't really like dessert, but I love frozen yogurt. I'm partial to the original flavor (basically lightly sweetened plain yogurt) with no toppings. Added bonus that it's something Fletcher can eat, so he got to lick the container when I was done. Not because he's spoiled. Hugh is partial to the self-serve feature of this yogurt shop. I had to restrain him from serving himself 16oz of dessert.

8. A little bird told me my Momma might just be coming to visit me for a whole week in the Spring. How soon is too soon to start counting down the days?! She's against being mentioned or pictured on the internet, which is why you never hear about her. But, she's pretty much the best. And the cutest. We're best friends:

Circa 1988ish.

And that's pretty much all I have to say. Happy Friday!


  1. Um - I LOVE that picture! Happy Friday friend. We are counting our blessings today!

  2. I've seen that picture so many times, but just saw it and had to do a double-take. I was all, "Who's that kid Cassie's holding?" Shoot.