Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So, my dog son is kind of spoiled. Or really, really spoiled, depending on whether or not you are an overly-indulgent dog mom yourself.

Last week when Hugh and I were out picking up some Five Guys for dinner (don't judge, sometimes a girl just needs a delicious bacon cheeseburger), I started feeling sad. Sad that Fletcher would just be staring longingly when we arrived home with our tasty dinner. Also sad for myself that I would have to push his face away from my plate every thirty seconds whilst trying to enjoy said burger. So I decided to ask the order-taker to give me an extra hamburger, sans bun.

Lucky for Fletcher, I can be quite charming. And I scored two hamburgers. For free!

Sorry for the blurry photo. Mandy is teaching me to take pictures without the flash. I am failing, obviously.

Clearly, Fletcher and I are soulmates. The dog loves some Five Guys.

This bowl full of amazingness disappeared in fourteen seconds. Literally.


  1. You're like Mrs. Gump when she "went out of her way" to make sure Forrest didn't have to go to some special school to learn how to re-tread tires.

  2. Bella & Petey are uber-jealous!
    Fletch look like he enjoyed, inhaled...