Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Sitting on the couch with Fletcher dreaming away on one side of me (don't you love their dog dreams, running and growling and kicking away in their sleep?) and Hugh sleeping (and probably dreaming but not kicking or growling) on the other, the mood around this house is very happy (not just because it's quiet, but that may be like fifty percent of the reason). When I got back into town last night, sweet Fletcher was bouncing around like his normal crazy dog self. What a relief.

Today we spent the day playing in the yard and in the garden. Once Hugh got home from school we went on a family walk. There is nothing like a scare to make you appreciate your uneventful, everyday life.

In the interest of keeping in real, a meal planning update: we had spicy tuna pasta last night because the salmon was still frozen. And then tonight we had veggie tacos because the salmon was a disaster. Wtf, Salmon? This is why I don't like you that much. However, in the face of these setbacks, we did not go out to eat, which is a huge step for the White Hot household.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. This little family is ready for a relaxing weekend.

Gratuitous cuteness (and wonderful peace and quiet) from this afternoon:

Eleven months later, I think this is as close as they'll ever get to being best friends.

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  1. Everything about this post makes me smile. So happy to hear that Fletchy is feeling better.