Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is it Friday Yet?

No posting this week, mainly because there seems to be a dearth of postable activity going on at the White Hot household. Unless you want to hear about how I made Blackberry Peach Cobbler on Sunday, and Hugh and I ate it all for dinner that night, and I haven't used my kitchen for anything except making coffee since. What can I say? The inspiration ebbs and flows around this place.

However, the weekend is almost upon us. And it promises to be a fun one. I will wait until Monday to fill you in, lest the some creepy internet stalkers are reading (see, Mom? I'm totally conscientious of safety!).

I will tell you that many of my very favorite people will be included.

Like these sweet and funny friends:


And their beautiful boy:

Couldn't you just eat him right up?

And my favorite fam:

The parents, all snazzed up.

I'm sorry, but aren't you still like seven?

And these lovely, long-time, been-there-for-it-all girls:

Is it scary that this was three and a half years ago?!

Hope your weekend is full of many reasons to celebrate. See you on Monday!

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