Thursday, May 12, 2011

Someone's Turning One!

UPDATE: Due to the fact that blogger has been down, the Giveaway deadline has been extended to 5pm on Wednesday, May 18th. Winner will be announced Thursday morning. Happy commenting!

And it's this little blog!

365 days. 136 posts. Let's just go ahead and acknowledge that is not a very consistent or frequent posting schedule. I appreciate you reading along anyway.

However, nothing like turning another year older to reflect on what you want to do better, which means I have a whole slew of ideas brewing for the next year. One of which is posting more than once a week. So hold on to your whisks, readers.

Now, if this blog were a person, I'd be blowing up balloons and baking a cake and wrapping presents as we speak, because you know how I feel about birthdays. But, this blog is just a little map dot on the internet, which means it has no use for my baking and wrapping and balloons.

So, how about I give you a present instead? A thank you gift, if you will.

I think that sounds like a great idea!

Leave me a little comment about this little White Hot blog. Something you love. Or something you'd like to see more of in the next year. Or less of, even. But I'm just warning you, if you say something mean I'm not going to pick you...

Do that by 5:00pm on Sunday (May 15th) and Monday morning I'll announce a winner of this cookbook:

How to Cook Everything a constant go-to in our kitchen - a great reference, no matter your skill level. I think you will love all one thousand forty-four of its pages as much as we do. Your copy, however, will not include corners chewed by a mouthy three-month-old Boxer puppy whose father was not watching him during nap time.

Thanks so much for reading along this year, sweet friends. Cheers to the posts ahead!

And, seriously, aren't birthday's just the best?


  1. Hmmm.... I'd just like more posts. And maybe every now and then Hugh could post. And some more recipes. Can you put tabs at the top and have blog sections? Love you, friend.

  2. Yeah, I'm with Elizabeth. More posts. And more pictures of bruises. Ha! And, maybe Hugh could get up off his lazy butt and do some posts. (Atheist knife fighting?)

    Happy birthday to White Hot!

  3. Looking forward to seeing more recipes (with pictures).
    Thanks XOXO

  4. Congrats on your "White Hot One Year"!! I love all the pictures of your "kids"...more of those are always fun. I also love all the recipes you post...I have tried a few of them out and they are always delicious. Oh and I love all your posts about life and the ones about friends (specifically college friends). Basically, I just love your blog :) Great job keeping it up!

  5. One year! Yahoo! I think you definitely need to consider sharing the perfect apple pie recipe. Love reading and keeping up with you and your studious hubby, and your entertaining children :) xoxoxo

  6. I'm inspired by every post to get back into the kitchen! =)

  7. I do love your recipes,and your truly funny take on life.

  8. Happy one year!! I love your recipes, photos of the garden and your pets, cleaning tips (I have a mild case of OCD...) and just overall love your blog! :)

  9. I don't actually want to win this cookbook (no offense, but it will not be as used and loved in my ordering-out-wait-for-others-to-cook- love-me-some-frozen-pizza household. But, I did want to say YAY! to one year and keep it up. I love keeping up with you (even if it's just in blogger world)

  10. Happy one year! And an appropriate use of an exclamation mark if I do say so myself :). I love the pictures which make me smile and even more often laugh, the recipes which I usually make within days of reading, and generally everything you write regarding life in the WHH. So, more posts.... Please! :)
    Xoxo, b

  11. I am late responding, as usual, but my three little people are to blame. Really. Happiest of Happies White Hot! Thanks for making me feel guilty about my sometimes fussy and boring weekly meal plans. That is what I meant as a compliment. More week long meal plans, please! Smooches my dear. Good work.XO