Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Sweet It Is to Be Loved by Hugh.

Three years ago today, on April 19, 2008, I married this handsome guy:

If you've ever read this blog before, you know it's no secret that I adore Hugh. He is my perfect husband, and I am much luckier than I deserve to be as his wife.

With a few years under my belt I can say that my very favorite thing (and I have a lot of favorites) about our relationship is this: it's a partnership. A team, side by side, on same page - whatever you want to call it, we are in this life together. And we call it United Front. It started with planning wedding, together, just the two of us, at the ripe old age of twenty-three: from the invitations to the guest list to the cake to the cocktails to the honeymoon, if we didn't both agree on it, it didn't make the cut.

And as the last few years of our marriage have flown by (seriously, so fast!), our United Front has carried us right along. From the puppy we'd chose to where we'd spend our holidays to Hugh going back to school to the house we'd live in to when we'd have kids to the paint on our walls - they've all been family decisions. And I am so proud of that, of the true partnership Hugh and I have created.

This year has been a happy one, filled with delicious dinners and long chats on the patio and a few fun trips and general hilarity. But it's been hard, too. Probably the hardest year that we've ever faced together. And it has reaffirmed, in every fiber of my being, that I chose wisely when I married Hugh.

With that, I'm off to celebrate. Thanks for following along and for humoring my sometimes saccharine tendencies, friends. I just love him so darn much!

Oh, and just for good measure, a few (or, you know, eighteen) of my favorite wedding photos from what might have just been the best day in the history of the world...

We were kind of excited:

He likes me.

We laughed:

Right after Hugh dropped my ring and it bounced across the floor...

We kissed:

Fun fact: when I threw my arms around Hugh, the strap of my dress came unsnapped, so I am trying to resnap it with one hand during this photo.

We were MARRIED (!):

We danced:

We toasted:

Ding dong sisters.

Hugh's brother giving a toast that centered around me stringing Hugh along and telling him we were just "friends." For months. All I could do was laugh because, well, it was completely true.

We ate cake (some of my favorites from the whole day):

We danced some more:

We cooled off on the balcony:

We lived happily ever after:

Happy third anniversary, Hugh. I thank my lucky stars each day that I get to spend my life with you.

Post Script: Okay, last thing, I promise. I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about some fun things we do to celebrate this happy day. Because you know we have traditions. And that we've been celebrating for a week.

But, in the meantime, read about the completely wonderful first anniversary present Hugh surprised me with two years ago. That guy!

All photos courtesy of the amazing Geoff Johnson.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love your wedding photos. I am going to do pretty much the exact same post on Thursday for my wedding anniversary haha. April weddings rock!

  2. You were beautiful! I am celebrating you two today.

  3. Celebrating you today, too. Love you both so, so much. And I'm so proud of you.