Monday, April 4, 2011

The Weekend in One Photo (and Also, Words).

Well, I didn't want to say anything, lest I jinx myself and end up working for one thousand hours while Hugh studied his life away looks like the White Hot household is on SPRING BREAK! That's right, friends. One whole week off. Together. Like, at the same time. We kind of don't even know what to do with ourselves. Any suggestions?

I think we might tackle a few cooking projects (hello, homemade pasta), finally get the front gardens finished, and you might even get the first White Hot husband guest post (see, Hugh? Now I've committed you)! So stay tuned for that excitement.

Hugh and I spent the weekend apart, which almost never happens. Especially a post-test weekend. But, I got to spend the weekend with some of my very favorite friends*:

Bonded by undergrad, sorority house life (and every crazy thing that entails), and girls' weekends.

None of us have lived in the same city since about 2005, so these girls' weekends are always a much-anticipated time for catching up. We ate (approximately six meals in thirty-six hours), drank (you have clearly never been to a girls' weekend if you think I'm giving you any figures on that activity), sat in the sunshine (where I got a very awesome sunburn shaped like I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt), had a few dance-offs (with shocking results), and talked pretty much non-stop.

It will be ten years this August since we all met. Times have changed. We're all married and working and some of us are even having babies. But it's like no time at all has passed when we get back together. There is something about being with the people who can appreciate your college antics that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. And also glad that you have an equal number of stories about them, so you know your secrets are safe. I just love those girls with my heart and soul. We laughed until we cried many, many times in thirty-six hours.

Meanwhile, Hugh drove down to visit our Savannah Family. I'll admit, I was a little pouty he was going without me. I mean, I freaking love those people. And I love it when we're all together. It's like that feeling you get at the holidays when your whole family is in the same place and you just feel all warm and happy. But then I reminded myself that I get to see them every single week. And, like I said, I was busy having plenty of fun on my own.

Anyway, Hugh and Fletcher had a lovely time. And so did I. We were both reminded we are not as young as we once were. And that we are truly lucky to have such an abundance of people we love in our lives. And then we were back together by lunchtime on Sunday**. And now we are off for a WHOLE WEEK! Did I mention that already?

With that, I'm off to...oh, I don't know. Maybe drink another cup of coffee in my pajamas and read a magazine? How was your weekend, friends?

*The only blemish on an otherwise perfect weekend was that our fifth friend, Erin, wasn't able to make it. But, while she wasn't physically there, we spent the whole weekend missing her and thinking about her and, let's be honest, drinking some champagne in her honor. Love you so much, Er.

**I would like to add, per request of my editor, that I came home to a very clean house thanks to my favorite husband. He's a real peach. And, honestly, I should go away for the weekend more often because yesterday he loved me even more than usual.


  1. Awww love those girls and glad you had a fun weekend! All four of you are so beautiful :)

  2. Such a fun girl's weekend:-) Enjoy your spring break! Homemade pasta sounds amazing! xoxo

  3. I hope you had a great week! Hugh...I'm waiting...