Monday, November 15, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

This is what we're eating at the White Hot house this weekend:
  • Baked Potato Bar - We love this dinner. It is a great dinner for nights when everyone isn't eating at the same time; it reheats beautifully: Bake up 1 potato per person. Halve potatoes and top with shredded cheddar cheese; broil until cheese is golden and bubbling. Top potatoes with your choice of the following: caramelized onions, steamed broccoli, diced grape tomatoes, crumbled bacon, and sour cream. Enjoy.
  • Meatball Subs - We're having these to use up leftover meatballs from our weekend dinner. You can stay tuned for that recipe, which we have dubbed Best. Meatballs. Ever.
You might notice that these recipes are fairly light on the level of labor required in the kitchen. That's because I'm starting my Thanksgiving prep on Friday and I want to be excited to get cooking instead of burned out from the weeknight dinner scene. It's only taken me five Thanksgivings to figure this out.

What are you eating for dinner this week as we gear up for the start of the holiday season?

1 comment:

  1. Burritos, carbonara, and lots of chicken. And pasta. And too much cheese. And maybe a salad.