Friday, November 12, 2010

The Freaking Weekend!

Today is test-day Friday, friends, and you know what that studying for Hugh this weekend! He does have some school things to attend to, but I have fun plans for both my time with him and my alone time.

Here are eleven things to be happy about:
  1. Everyone being on the mend! I attribute it to the vitamins, of course. Oh, and Fletcher's two hundred and fifty dollars worth of medicine. In the process of getting well he has lost ten percent of his body weight and looks kind of like a dog from one of those "stop neglecting your pet" ads. We are just happy he's well and working on fattening back up. Being a dog mom is a worry-filled business.
  2. The weather. Are you joking me with 70ยบ and sunny all weekend long?! It means lots of walks with the pup.
  3. Cappuccino. We are making these at home this weekend. Really, this is pretty much how I drink my coffee anyway minus the foam, but I'm excited nonetheless.
  4. T-minus two weeks until Thanksgiving. I'm starting my grocery list this weekend.
  5. This girl. I love her all the time, but as of late she has been both cracking me up and reading my mind (sidenote: Sometimes at our Tuesday night dinners, Matt just shakes his head at us. Like this week, when we were talking about Christmas card photos and Mandy and I realized we had not actually discussed taking each others pictures, but just decided on it through our telepathic communication.).
  6. Some new craft projects. Why is crafting so fun? Last week, I made these for some of my very favorite small children (of the female variety, obviously):
  7. A whole weekend worth of cooking! I'm thinking pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, waffles, something with apple and cheddar (scones? a tart?), coq au vin, arugula and Parmesan salad - the sky is the limit on Friday morning.
  8. Starting a Christmas Binder. I love Christmas. I love organization. I love compulsive planning. Quod erat demonstrandum, bitches.
  9. These words. Let's just all do what we always wanted do.
  10. Don't tell Hugh (whose heart might be two sizes too small), but I've totally be listening to Christmas music when I'm home alone. Love it.
  11. Oh, and these two, of course:

What are you up to this weekend?

Postscript: I'm trying to turn over a new blogging leaf (i.e. actually post some posts). Check back this weekend for a recipe using everyone's favorite small, wild cabbage.


  1. Oh, and to my friend that loves sleep as much as I do...#12: Sleep. My child is sleeping through the night. I'm talking 7PM to 7AM. Yes! Sleep tight!