Friday, July 2, 2010

Two Week Recap

Sorry for the dearth of updates as of late. I have been doing a lot of traveling. A lot as in if I didn't have to ride in the car again for many months, that would be okay with me. But, it has been worth it for the fun visits. Now, please brace yourself for a lengthy post.

Two weeks ago, we made the long drive to my home sweet home.

On the way to Pensacola, we stopped and spent the night at the Time Well Wasted house. Elizabeth is my oldest and dearest friend. She has been there for the very best and very worst times in my life, and, quite simply, I wouldn't be the same person had we not had sixth grade English together. She is married to Lofton and they are the parents of the wonderful Reese. Hugh and I were so excited to spend an evening with them, and Reese and Hugh became fast friends. Not surprising because, seriously, everyone loves Hugh. Good thing I love him too.

On Saturday, there was a bridal shower for my favorite bride-to-be. Brittany and Dave are tying the knot in October and we were all so excited to start the celebration. It was so fun to watch her flitting around the shower chatting with people who love her so much and generally just glowing and looking very bridal.

Sunday it was back on the road again. This is how Fletcher felt about it:

Such a trooper in the car.

Then, last weekend, I was off again to visit Sarah. Sarah was my "big sister" in our sorority many years ago. Although our relationship has grown far beyond that title, a fraction of the older sister/younger sister dynamic has remained. She is the person I always go to for guidance in my life and when I'm with her, I feel very well taken care of. And now she is a Mom to this perfect baby girl who could not be any cuter:

As with most things in life, Sarah makes motherhood look easy and it was so fun to see her in this new role. Our visit was a long-overdo girls' weekend for us full of delicious food, lots of talking and shopping, and mostly just general exclaiming over Sydney's perfection.

On Sunday it was back to my little family for one day before I was headed to Savannah for work. I finally arrived home on Wednesday (to flowers and cocktails and delicious dinner, because my husband is a peach), and I swore I would never get back in the car again. But yesterday Hugh got home around 2pm and we realized neither of us had eaten all day. So we loaded up and drove an hour to have lunch at Pawley's Front Porch, recently featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

The burgers were delicious and the company wasn't too shabby either:

I love this face. And Hugh secretly loves to have his picture taken.

And now, it's Friday! We have another action-packed weekend in store and we aren't traveling anywhere. Stay tuned.

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