Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hugh to the Rescue

At this point on the blog, I hope it's obvious that I'm quite smitten with Hugh. He's handsome and funny and smart - the requisite requirements for a husband.

He's also devoted and protective and quick on his feet and pretty darn handy.

Take this morning for instance. After leaving the house at the god forsaken hour of 6:40am to drive to Savannah, I heard the dreaded flap flapping of a flat tire ten minutes into my trip.

I pulled into a gas station and called Hugh. Ten minutes later, he was pulling up with his fancy shmancy jack, reloading my bags into his truck, and sending me on my merry, barely-late-for-work way. Seven minutes (!) later, he was calling to tell me the tire was changed and he was headed home.

I should also note that this little tire problem was caused by an improper installation on the part of the company who just installed our brand new tires fourteen days ago. And this made Hugh furious, in that you could have been on the interstate going seventy and the outcome of this situation could have been really awful sort of way. So he drove right back to Sears and gave them a piece of his protective-husband mind and they were ordering us a new tire before he was halfway through.

Despite my little streak of stubborn independence, I secretly love being a wife and having someone to take care of me, and I love that that someone is Hugh. He makes my boss-of-my-own-self heart swell up with love and pride.

Also, seven minutes to change a tire? I can't make this stuff up. He's seriously good at everything.

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