Monday, July 19, 2010

Meal-Planning Monday

One of the many things I read on vacation was the most recent Cooking Light. I love this magazine and have for a very long time. And after a lot of vacation indulging, it seemed the perfect source for this week's meals. So here they are:

Cobb Salad Pizza, photo courtesy of Cooking Light

Cobb Salad Pizza

Chunky Gazpacho with Sauteed Shrimp

Pepper Jack, Chicken, and Peach Quesadillas, Spinach Salad

Seared Pork Tortas, Fresh Fruit

Fletcher will also be back to his healthy-eating lifestyle after many vacation indulgences including: dog steak (what, you don't carve and cook steaks just for your dog?), lots of cheese, shredded chicken, hotdogs, and a great deal of plate-licking.

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  1. When I can eat again, the seared pork tortas are on my meal plan.