Monday, September 6, 2010

Soaking It Up.

The long weekend was such a delight that I can't think about the fact that it's over. If this Labor Day weekend had a theme, it would be food, which is just the way we like it. And also, painting. So, let's have a photo recap:

Friday night we started out with Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs Wrapped in Proscuitto:

Then we had Fish Tacos (Hugh would like you to note the amazing ability of the camera in capturing the lime juice. I won't tell you how many photos we took to get this shot, but suffice to say, Hugh's tacos were very limey.):

Saturday morning after lots of coffee, I baked a delicious chocolate cake:

And then, it was finally time for football. Despite some painful moments, our Gators pulled through for the win:

And then we played in the yard with our favorite dog until he was panting like a fool:

Don't worry, our first born got some attention too:

Sunday was a relaxing day with delicious dinner:

Then, remember how I talked about feeling so motivated last week? Well, we finally started redecorating our living room:

I will save the full before and after photo shoot until we get a couple of other things to finish the room, but here's a little peak (and proof that I really was at the White Hot Household this weekend):

And this is what Fletcher thought about being shut out of the room all afternoon:

I hope you had a happy weekend with your favorite person. Here's to a four day week!


  1. 1. I can't wait to see the living room reveal.
    2. Fletcher under the table hurts my heart. He really does have the saddest dog face.
    3. Can we build a time machine, and can I use it to go back in time and go to your house for weekend eatin'. Or, can we plan a weekend to hang out and eat a lot together?

  2. Yes, it is 3:00AM and I am reading your blog! Times have changed, right? I love keeping up with you and your sweet husband. What a great picture of Hugh and Fletcher! Have a wonderful week - let's chat soon! -SP