Monday, September 27, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Opposite of Ugly

It's weekend recap time, once again.

Let's start with the Good:

Hugh's Mom came to visit for the weekend. It is the first visit we've had in a very long time with no to do list or scheduled activities. We went out to lunch to celebrate the end of test week (woo hoo!), sat on the porch and chatted and watched the birds (our backyard is kind of like National Geographic), grilled out, skyped with my favorite father-in-law, bought some new plants for the backyard, went out to dinner, and generally just relaxed. Oh, and we got Tiki hooked on Modern Family. So funny. A few photos:

Tiki and I share a profound love for dips and for Mexican food. This photo pretty much sums up our perfect meal. I have been known to stand in her kitchen and eat an entire container of guacamole by myself late at night. And then blame Hugh. But she knows the truth.

It was the perfect visit and Sunday morning came too soon.

Now, unfortunately, on to the Bad:

Saturday morning, we were awakened bright and early by a police officer knocking on our door. One of our neighbors was walking her dog when she noticed the door to our Jeep was open and one of the windows was smashed in. Oh, because someone broke in to our car. Wtf? Seriously, our cars are not that nice. And we do not keep anything in them. Except our GPS. Well, now we don't, because someone stole it. They did, however, leave my reusable shopping bags. Apparently petty thieves are not interested in saving the planet.

It was a really shitty start to the day, but we pepped up and moved on. However, if you have an extra Garmin sitting around unused and you want to send it my way, I certainly won't complain. I was lamenting to Hugh how I used it to get everywhere, like places in the city we have lived in for fifteen months. He just shook his head. What can I say? I'm not that good with directions.

And now, the Opposite of Ugly (because you know I'm not going to do a whole post without some Henry and Fletcher cuteness):

Henry spent the weekend hunting moths on the porch. He didn't hiss at Tiki a single time (see: Henry only loves his parents), which we took as a sign that being a big brother is making him more tolerant by the day.

And, well I really don't have a lot of words for Fletcher. Except, are you joking me with that tongue? I die.

Hope your weekend was more good than bad, friends. Happy Monday!


  1. If John reads this, he would probably gladly give you our Garmin...he hates it!

  2. So sorry to hear about the thievery (I think that's how you spell it...correct me if I am wrong). Hope this week turns out better!