Friday, August 20, 2010


When he's home basically all summer long, these are some of the things you forget about having a husband in med school:
  • He uses the dry erase board as a study tool, so I frequently have to go into the office, open the windows and turn on the fan to ensure that my only husband doesn't die from toxic fume exposure.
  • The studying nights can be lonely for the non-studying wife. However, as of Friday morning, my house is clean, the laundry is done, and my meal plan for next week is ready, so we can agree I have been channeling said loneliness into productivity.
  • Hugh never eats during the school week. Like, doesn't eat breakfast, rarely eats lunch, just eats dinner. At which point I have usually had two meals and two snacks when we sit down together. I have accepted the fact that I will never understand this trait. Ever.
  • The days leading up to a test, Hugh gets up at 4am. This means I have to get up with the dog child when he awakens. Shoot.
But, there is one good thing I had forgotten:
  • How completely wonderful the post-test weekends feel!
Hugh's first test for the year is over! I am so.excited. I'm frantically wrapping up my work for the day, signing off, and preparing to soak up my time with him.

A true task master to himself, Hugh came home and changed clothes to go mow the yard. But when he's finished, you'd better believe we will be celebrating and relaxing for the duration of the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. I hope you have something to celebrate!


  1. Do you use the low odor dry erase markers? If not, you should invest. They are still stinky, but not nearly as potent as the regulars.

  2. Just you wait until they are in residency, my hubby has been on call in the hospital this whole month except for about 4 nights..he's currently on a 5 night stretch, 1 night home, then 5 more nights. It sucks but it really makes you treasure the nights he is home and yes, I am very productive while he's gone!