Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Week!

It is a happy week at the White Hot Household.

Hugh finished his summer research today and we are both off for the rest of the week.

These next four days promise to be a delight because: a) school starts on Monday so we are making the most out of the minutes together and b) Friday is my birthday!

I love my birthday. It is in my top four days of the year (along with Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Hugh's Birthday). Hugh always makes sure I feel like the world's most loved girl on August sixth, so I can't wait.

Posting might be light, but I'll be back next week with plenty of posts and free time on my hands.

Hope you're week is happy too!

PS I received my first birthday present on Monday. M Cubed gave me a blown-up, framed copy of this photo (before they fed me delicious tacos for dinner):

It was the perfect gift because I love that face, I love this photo, and I have a similar framed photo of Henry Parker so now they're like a matched pair. I love those friends of mine; they spoil me so.

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