Friday, August 3, 2012

Everything I Ever Wanted.

Oh, motherhood. Such a humbling process, foiling my well-laid plans.

It has not been a good week, my friends. Not good, as in I ugly-cried not once or twice but three times on Wednesday. Thank goodness for Hugh and my mom and their endlessly patient listening ears. And thank goodness for my sweet girl; she is a trooper. 

Fortunately, next week promises to be a happier one. Not least of all because my birthday is on Monday; the big 2-9! And, as you probably know by now, birthdays are my jam

For the last two weeks, Hugh has been asking me for a list of things I might want, and I've been hemming and hawing and not really giving him any guidance. Finally, he asked me why I was having such a hard time coming up with a birthday list this year. And I realized it's because I have everything I ever wanted already. 

My little White Hot cup runneth over:


On the agenda for the next three days: balloons, birthday cake, a family walk, and a champagne cocktail or three. Hope your weekend is just peachy.


  1. I'm so sorry it been such a tough week! Being a working mom is not easy, it was the hardest experience of my life. But, it taught me so so much. Sending birthday wishes and prayers your way, friend.

  2. May I be perfectly honest and say that while I love all these pictures immensely, I love the picture of Henry just a smidge above the rest? Tell Pen not to take it personally. Love you guys and happy Birthday dear!

  3. Happy birthday, love! Sorry you had a tough week, but I'm glad you have Hugh and your sweet little girl to cheer you up! Sending you lots of love! :)