Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fletcher: An Update

We are home from the specialist in Athens and feeling about like this:

Impossibly, this whole ordeal has made me love that husband of mine even more. This picture's not hurting his case.

Fletcher was the belle of the ball at the vet's office yesterday. Since our vet and Hugh have talked to this specialist veterinarian so much, every single person in the office knew about him. When we opened the door the receptionist called out, "Fletcher's here," and everyone rushed out to see him. I mean, it doesn't hurt that he is out of control with cuteness and loves everyone he meets. Or that he spent the forty-five minute consultation trying to climb into the vet's lap. He was less happy when they shaved his stomach.

After an ultrasound, endoscopy, and colonoscopy, we know that Fletcher is having a malabsorbtion problem and is basically starving. As of yesterday morning, he has lost 15lbs in two months (this is significant considering he only weighed 55lbs to begin with). Right now, we're waiting to hear back later next week on all the lab work they are doing from yesterday's scopes to find out a cause. We feel hopeful that we will have some answers by the end of next week.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone for your sweet calls and messages and suggestions and happy dog thoughts. We are lucky to have the friends and family we do.

Postscript: I have bought exactly three Christmas presents. This is unlikely to change at this point. I have cooked zero meals in the last eight days. Zero. It's been cereal, frozen pizza, cheese-its, or take-out. I hope to remedy that this weekend, as Hugh and I would both like to keep our blood pressure in the normal range. My house is a mess. I will remedy that this weekend, as I am about to lose my mind and have taken to wearing socks so I can't feel how dirty the floors are.

Also, thanks for humoring me with the Fletcher posts. I have lost more sleep and shed more tears over this pup in the last two weeks than I care to admit. As soon as he is on the mend, I will cook something delicious for this little blog to celebrate. Promise. I will also probably drink a bottle of champagne and sleep for three days.


  1. The Granthams (including Bella & Midnight) are
    sending kisses and hugs your way!XOXO

  2. Thinking about you guys and your precious baby! XOXO- Catherine and Patrick

  3. Many prayers coming your way. My grandpup is very precious to me. Much love and hugs, Mom