Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!


Perhaps some of you are still out there after three months? Yes? I hope so. 

Hugh left in mid-October for an away rotation in Birmingham. For a month. And then he interviewed for residency all over the Southeast for four weeks. And he took our personal computer (the one with all our pictures) with him. Hence the blog silence. But, like time with a growing baby seems to do, it mostly flew by in a quick little blink, and five days before Christmas he was home. Thank goodness.

When last we spoke, my Penelope was a five-month-old rolling, sitting-up, 16lb, bundle of joy. 

Now she's eight months old, clocking in at 20lbs, army crawling, waving, high-fiving, and I am fairly certain is going to say her first word any day now (my vote is on mama, but we've also got hi, more, dada, and milk in the mix). Oh, and she's sporting two teeth now, too:

The happiest

We had a lovely holiday season. Pip celebrated Halloween as the cutest pumpkin of all time, we hosted both of our families for baby's first Thanksgiving, saw one-third of our Savannah family for a little pre-holiday celebration, had a quiet Christmas at home and loved every minute, visited these favorites for a birthday surprise, and rang in the New Year by eating this deliciousness and going to sleep at 10:15pm.

There are huge changes ahead for our little family in 2013. First and foremost, the handsome med student of our house will be graduating and becoming a real live doctor.

And our girlie will be turning one (!), we'll most likely be moving, I will be leaving my current job (see: moving), and Hugh will start residency. It's exciting and overwhelming all at once. For now, we're enjoying a couple of quiet months.

And, with that, you are caught up. 

What's new with you?

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