Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hitting Reset.

I am starting my week over this morning. Slowly, I am realizing the key to acting intentionally is to recognize that some days just aren't going to go as planned and, when it all goes to hell in a hand basket, sometimes the best thing you can do is call it a day and try again tomorrow.

Yesterday was a doozy. We will call it my first official pregnancy meltdown, which I would say is pretty impressive given that I am six months in. Car trouble + Hugh choosing a specialty (like, for his career) this week + work + oh, did I mention I'm twenty-four weeks pregnant and have one billion things to do before the end of April was just a bit more than I could handle. 

Fortunately, my dream husband came through with an epic pep talk, and I am feeling much more like myself this morning.

Today, I am remembering this:

I was up early this morning, equipped with my list, my coffee (Not a word, friends, unless you are my doctor, which you are not, because I would never let my doctor read my blog. He thinks I'm crazy enough as it is.), and my it's-a-new-day attitude to get things done.

Let's be awesome this rainy Wednesday.


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  2. You will get done what you need to before baby arrives, dont worry! And those billion things to continues after baby is born :) but of course, in a very good way. XO

  3. The work is never done! Which, is awesome, because the baby will have NO idea that her nursery isn't totally 100% without-a-doubt completed before her arrival. As for the coffee: 1-2 cups a day is what my dr always said! If I still wanted more, I'd grab the decaf after that :)